Reset Netgear Router

In case you are finding it hard to get rid of technical issues related to your Netgear router and none of the troubleshooting hacks seem to work for you, then you should not think twice to reset Netgear router. Resetting or restoring your networking device will set back all customized settings to its default mode. In simple words, once you reset Nighthawk router all the changes that you made to your router till date will go back to being the same as it was when you purchased it.

On this page, we have shed light on two different methods through which you can learn how to reset Netgear router. They have highlighted here:

Reset Netgear Router

Whichever method you find the easiest, you can use that to reset Netgear router with ease. For your information, you will also find the instructions to do Nighthawk router reset in the user manual of your device.

What Issues Can Be Resolved via Nighthawk Router Reset?

As mentioned above, resetting your networking device is needed when no other hack is helping you to troubleshoot the issues that you are experiencing. But, what are those issues and why they need to be troubleshot by learning how to reset Netgear Nighthawk router is discussed in this section. Continue reading.

1. Forgot Router Password

If you have forgotten the login password of your networking device and have not enable the password recovery feature at the time of setup, then resetting it is in the only option in the picture. But, the fact is, the only way to reset login password is to reset Netgear router.

2. Netgear Router Malfunction

In case your router is not working as it should, it means that you are experiencing a router malfunction. This can slow down the speed of the internet and stop you from making your device access the internet. Hence, the reason you need to reset Nighthawk router.

How to Reset Netgear Router via Reset Button?

Also known as the Hard Reset method, this Netgear router reset method is the most used one because of its user-friendly nature. Perhaps, you will find it easy to execute as well. Following the step-by-step guidelines mentioned here will help you reset Netgear router using the Reset button:

1. Find the Reset Button

Locate the Reset button on the Netgear router. For your information, the location of the button varies from model to model. In case you are not able the one on your device, then refer to the user manual. Forget about learning how to reset Netgear router, you will find everything that you need to know about your device there.

2. Press the Reset Button

Once you find the same on your device, press it, but gently. Wait for some time. After the Netgear router reset process comes to an end, your networking device will reboot. It is recommended that you let it reboot without interrupting the process. Otherwise, you will get stuck with more technical issues in the future.

How to Reset Netgear Router via Web Browser?

As mentioned above, in this method, accessing the web user interface of your Netgear router is needed. To learn how to reset Netgear Nighthawk router manually, it is recommended that you walk through the instructions highlighted in this section:

1. Connect the Networking Devices

Start the process by linking the Netgear router to the existing modem. Any source of connection can be used for the same. In case you decide to use an Ethernet cable, make sure that neither the cable nor the ports located on the router as well as the modem are damaged. And if you decide to a use a wireless source, see to it that the distance separating your networking devices is not too much.

2. Fire Up an Internet Browser

Switch on your computer or laptop. Load an internet browser on it. Ensure that it is working on its updated version. Apart from that, make sure that it is clean as in it should be free of cache, cookies, and browsing history. To do both these things, you need to access the Settings menu of your internet browser. Worry not. Regardless of the web browser that you are using, the process of updating it will more or less be the same.

3. Access the Web or IP Address

In the URL field, enter the web or IP address of your router. Avoid using the search bar of your internet browser to access the login page of your router. Press the Enter key. But, before that, make sure that the entrée which you have made has not typing errors. Or else, you will not be able to reset Netgear router manually and will be forced to get external help. This means that the issues you are facing now will continue to trouble you.

4. Reset Nighthawk Router

Once you have reached the login portal, enter the username and password. Make sure that the Caps Lock on your keyboard is off while you are entering the login credentials as they are case-sensitive. Also, ensure that the username and password are entered only into their respective fields. Hit Log In. On the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard, access the Settings menu. Click the reset Nighthawk router option. Select the Yes button for confirmation.

In this manner, you will be able to reset Netgear router using the web user interface.

What Happens After You Reset Netgear Router?

Performing a factory reset sets your router to factory defaults, as we have discussed in the introduction of this page. This means that all custom settings you have customized over time will be erased, so it is important to take note of them before you reset the router.

Furthermore, the network name and password for your wireless network may also be applied differently according to their default configurations. After a factory reset is complete, be sure to perform the Netgear Nighthawk setup process.

Know that you have the liberty to utilize three different methods to go about the process. They have been highlighted here:

Although none of these methods are difficult to execute, in case you do not find them user-friendly, it is recommended that you divert your attention to the user manual of your networking device, which you got while purchasing it.

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